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We are pleased to offer a comprehensive 40-hour training course designed to equip you with the skills to install, configure, and manage Oracle 19c Database on your personal Oracle VirtualBox environment. This training also aims to enhance your readiness for interviews and career advancement opportunities.

Oracle DBAWeekday (Monday to Friday)To be decided7 PM - 9 PM IST (2 Hrs)1 Month12,500 INR

Please take note of the following details:

  1. Detailed instructions will guide you through setting up Oracle 19c Database on your personal workstation using VirtualBox.
  2. All concepts will be reinforced through practical lab exercises.
  3. The course content is meticulously crafted to mirror real-world scenarios.
  4. A mock exam with question and answer sessions will be conducted at the conclusion of the course.
  5. Recordings of each session will be provided.
  6. Sessions will be held over weekdays, from Monday to Friday, each session lasting 2 hours.
  7. Support for hands-on labs will be available even after completing the course.
  8. Gain practical experience with various Database issue scenarios.
  9. If this opportunity aligns with your interests, we invite you to register using the link below.

For registration, please visit https://www.br8dba.com/training/

We look forward to your participation and learning together.


Course Content – Oracle Core DBA

### Week 1: Installation and Basic Configuration
**Day 1: Database Overview,Oracle VirtualBox Installation and Linux Configuration
 Introduction to Oracle Database
 Setting up a virtual lab environment using Linux VM and Oracle VirtualBox
 Accessing the VM using tools like Putty, Winscp, and MobaXterm
**Day 2: Install Oracle Software**
 Downloading and installing Oracle Database software (versions 12c and 19c)
 Using both GUI and silent installation methods
**Day 3: Database Creation and Management**
 Creating a database using GUI and silent methods
 Accessing the database via SQLplus and SQL Developer
 Starting up and shutting down the database
**Day 4: Exploring Database Architecture**
 Understanding control files, datafiles, redo log files, archive log files, undo files, and temp files
 Managing initialization parameters and password files
**Day 5: Tablespace Management**
 Introduction to tablespaces: system, user/permanent, temporary, and undo tablespaces
 Managing tablespaces: creation, resizing, adding/dropping datafiles, monitoring usage, and automatic segment space management
### Week 2: Networking, User Management, and Backup
**Day 6: Oracle Net Service Configuration**
 Configuring network files (listener.ora, tnsnames.ora, sqlnet.ora)
 Exploring and managing listeners and database connectivity
**Day 7: Oracle User Management**
 User creation, privilege and role management, password and profile management, auditing, and proxy connections
**Day 8: Database Links**
 Creating and managing database links (public and private)
 Using database links for distributed database access
**Day 9: Datapump / Logical Backups**
 Performing backups and restores using Data Pump (expdp and impdp)
 Parallel processing and networkbased imports without manual exports
**Day 10: RMAN Backup**
 Cold and hot backups, full and incremental backups (level 0, differential, cumulative)
 Identifying and recovering from block corruption
**Day 11: RMAN Restore and Recovery**
 Complete and individual object restoration using RMAN
 Tablespace and datafile restoration
**Day 12: RMAN Advanced Recovery**
 PointinTime Recovery (PITR), incomplete recovery
 Cloning databases using RMAN (backupbased and active duplication)
### Week 3: Patching, Upgrading, and Data Guard
**Day 13: Oracle Database Patching**
 Backing up Oracle Home binaries and inventory
 Understanding patch types (CPU, RUR, oneoff patches)
 Using OPatch utility for applying and rolling back patches
 Upgrading database time zone
**Day 14: Database Upgrade**
 Upgrading databases from 12c to 19c using DBUA and manual methods
**Day 15: Data Guard Configuration and Administration**
 Creating and configuring physical standby databases and Data Guard broker
 Identifying and refreshing gaps in standby databases
**Day 16: Advanced Data Guard Administration**
 Converting physical standby to snapshot standby and vice versa
 Performing switchover, switchback, and failover operations
### Week 4: Performance Tuning, Multitenant, and ASM
**Day 17: Performance Tuning**
 Importance of statistics, generating explain plans, using ASH and AWR
 Troubleshooting longrunning queries and using SQL tuning tools
**Day 18: Oracle Multitenant Administration**
 Creating and managing CDBs and PDBs, including cloning and dropping PDBs
 Converting nonCDB to PDB
**Day 19: ASM (Automatic Storage Management)**
 Installation, configuration, and management of ASM
 Disk group management and ensuring high availability and redundancy
**Day 20: Advanced Topics Overview**
 Introduction to RAC (Real Application Clusters), EXADATA, AWS Cloud integration, and GoldenGate for data replication
**Day 21: Career Preparation**
 Resume building and interview tips and techniques