DBA Sheet v6.1

We have prepared DBA Sheet v6.1 which used to use on daily basis and we want to share with you all.

Special thanks to my friend "Sugivardhan Sundarrajan" who contributed lot of time to prepare this sheet

Please click here to download DBA Sheet v6.1

Please leave feedback in comment section below in case of any issues in this regard.

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19 thoughts on “DBA Sheet v6.1

  1. Hi, Rajasekhar Amudala

    This sheet is very useful, great ideia, often I had verify commands about Oracle and tech information.
    Guy try to create book and sale, very good.


  2. Hi Rajasekhar,

    Thank you for this great tool !
    The following sql does not work on one of my 12c databases :

    select name CDB_NAME,(select name from v$pdbs) PDB_NAME,open_mode,database_role,(SELECT to_char(sysdate,’DD-MON-YYYY HH24:MI:SS’) FROM dual) “Current_time_db” ,(select INSTANCE_NAME from v$instance) INSTANCE_NAME,(select HOST_NAME from v$instance ) HOST_NAME from v$database;

    Because “select name from v$pdbs” returns more than one row.
    I needed to modify the request this way :

    … select name from v$pdbs where name not like ‘%SEED%’

    Still, in case of a multitenant database, it would not work I guess.


    Jean-michel A.
    Nemours, France

  3. Thanks Rajasekhar for the knowledge share, your blog is awesome and request you to continue the same. It means a lot to people who are looking to enhance their skills.

  4. Thank you Rajasekhar for sharing your knowledge, your blog is awesome and request you to continue the same. It is helpful to lot people who are looking to enhance their skills.

  5. Hi Raj,

    Like Oracle DBA, can you also please share all daily activities scripts of Mysql, Postgresql, Sql Server DBA. Then it will be very very useful for all DBA’s.

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