Cluster Name

/*How to display Oracle Cluster name*/

1. The command “cemutlo” provides cluster name and version.

$GI_HOME/bin/cemutlo [-n] [-w]

[oracle@rac1 ~]$ cemutlo -n
rac-scan <—– This is Cluster name.

2. $CRS_HOME/cdata/<cluster_name> directory

3. ocrdump
which will create a text file called OCRDUMPFILE open that file and look for this entry
+[SYSTEM.css.clustername]+ ORATEXT : crs_cluster In this case, “crs_cluster” is the cluster name.

4. gpnptool get
search for keyword “ClusterName

5. ASM SP File location
[root@rac1 ]# gpnptool getpval -asm_spf (or) SQL> show parameter spfile 

Note: We cannot change the cluster name. The only to do that is to reinstall the clusterware.


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